Tuition & Fees

2019 Tuition & Fees

HH course (3 credit hours) $450.00

Total tuition for the HH program is:

$60.00 - Application fee (non-refundable)
$1,800.00 - 12 credits @ $150.00
$1,860.00 * Total

Upon receipt of payment, the course will be released to the student online. Once the course is completed and the student is ready to advance to the next course in the program, then the second payment will be due.

For a detailed list of other Fees: Click Here

Textbook Costs

The costs of textbooks are not included in the quoted tuition. Students purchase textbooks from vendors of their choice. Estimated cost of textbooks and software for the HH Certificate is included in the chart below. Payment is due upon a student’s enrollment in the program. Tuition must be paid in U.S. currency, by check, money order, or credit card.

Here is a course by course breakdown of the estimated cost of your textbooks and other required materials for each course and for the entire certificate. Prices are from unless otherwise indicated. Tuition and book prices are subject to change.

Course Name

Estimated Textbook
Cost (rounded to the nearest dollar)


Total Tuition
and Estimated Textbook Cost

HH 101




HH 102




HH 103




HH 104





Application Fee



Graduation Fee (Domestic)



Total Textbook Costs (estimated)



Total Tuition Cost



Grand Total