Tuition & Fees

2019 Tuition & Fees

Hawthorn University invites you to enroll in the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education (MHNE) program and take advantage of a 20% tuition discount and save $1,850 if you begin by Oct 5, 2019. Applications must be submitted by September 18, 2019.

The program consists of 12 courses (37 credits) which are needed to graduate. Students may pay by the course and payment is due upon enrollment into the course.

MHNE course (3 credit hours) $750.00
MHNE course (4 credit hours) $1,000.00
Midterm and Final Examinations - $250.00

Total tuition for the MHNE program is:

$60.00 - Application fee (non-refundable)
$9,250.00 - 37 credits @ $250.00 per credit
$250.00 Midterm and Final Examinations @ $125.00 each
$9,560.00 * Total

The cost of textbooks and nutrition analysis software are not included in the quoted tuition. (Refer to the chart below for estimated prices.) Students may purchase textbooks directly from the publishers and are given suggestions on how to find discounted books and online resources.

Upon receipt of payment, the course will be released to the student online. Once the course is completed and the student is ready to advance to the next course in the program, then the second payment will be due based on the number of credits for the next course. Please refer to the course curriculum for the number of credits per individual course.

For a detailed list of other University fees: Click Here

Payment is due upon a student’s enrollment in the program. Tuition must be paid in U.S. currency, by check, money order, or credit card.

Here is a course by course breakdown of the estimated cost of your textbooks and other required materials for each course and for the entire program. Prices are from unless otherwise indicated. Tuition and book prices are subject to change.

Course Name

Estimated Textbook Cost (rounded to the nearest dollar)

Tuition Cost

Total Tuition and Estimated Textbook Cost

MHNE 601

$282.00 $750.00 $1,032.00

MHNE 602

$221.00 $750.00 $971.00

MHNE 603

$99.00 $750.00 $849.00

MHNE 603.1

$40.00 $750.00 $790.00

MHNE 604

$10.00 $750.00 $850.00

MHNE 605

$36.00 $750.00 $786.00

MHNE 606

$18.00 $750.00 $768.00

MHNE 607

$27.00 $750.00 $777.00

MHNE 608

$29.00 $750.00 $779.00

MHNE 609

$21.00 $750.00 $771.00

MHNE 611

$43.00 $750.00 $793.00

MHNE 650*

$32.00 $1,000.00 $1,037.00





Application Fee




Graduation Fee (Domestic)




Total Textbook Cost (estimated)




Midterm and Final Examinations




Total Tuition Cost




Grand Total




*Students who do not complete their thesis in the allotted time frame must register to continue at ½ the cost ($375.00) to maintain matriculation.